Vienna by night


After my day trip to Bratislava, I came back to Vienna and went with Thomas and his roommate Werner to the Wien Christkindlmarkt at Rathausplatz. This place is absolutely stunning and it really sheds light on why the Viennese are so into themselves (ha! I kid, I kid.)

What I meant to say was I understand now why Raj’s mom told me it was her dream to go to Vienna at Christmas. The beauty and romance of Vienna at this time is inescapable. These markets activate all of your senses and it’s almost overwhelming. Like Munich, there are multiple markets across the city, but each one is set up against it’s own personal backdrop. Every market is unique, and each one more magical than the next.


We had a few Gluhweins outside at the market before heading inside to meet some of Thomas’ friends. Most people close to me know how much I despise cold weather, so the fact that I can bundle up here and stay outside a lot longer than 5 minutes says a lot. Loved it. Well done, Vienna. Bravo.



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