Homeless for the holidays

One thing I learned in Vienna is that American recipes don’t translate to Austrian grocery stores.

Anthony invited us to come to dinner on Christmas Eve, and Thomas seemed to be fixated on the idea of bringing sweet potatoes. (Sorry Thomas, I’m going to write about our culinary disaster now.) This American holiday staple is just that: American. To be fair, I didn’t help with any ideas or go to the supermarket, so I wasn’t there to catch this SNAFU before it happened. Canned sweet potatoes are not the same as fresh potatoes. And although sugar in the raw is a brown color, it is not in fact “brown sugar.” We were missing nutmeg too.


In a last ditch effort to prepare something, we tried sweet potato fries. Those didn’t really work out either. So… who wants some wine?

Tanya and Anthony prepared a nice dinner (Thanksgiving style) with all the trimmings of home. My favorite conversation piece was comparing the different noises that humans have created for animals over the world. WTF is “cock a doodle doo?” Lovely company and drinks makes home seem not so far.


And just because I find it hilarious and amusing, Thomas grabbed these candid shots of me after tons of champagne, chatting up some Croatian on the train on the way home. Really, Megan? Sweet face.


That’s a wrap on Vienna.

Andiamo a Italia!


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