I’m not homesick, but…

I miss things like:

My cozy bed
Clothes dryers! And washing machines that don’t fade the crap out of my clothes
Being in control of the thermostat
Computer keyboards meant for the English language
Sinks that don’t splash everywhere when I try to wash my face
Having a phone with a data plan
Ordering things in English
The US dollar
A warm bath towel
Drip coffee
Coconut milk
Showers that stay hot longer than 5 minutes
The random days off work between Christmas and New Years
Not being paranoid about pick-pocketing
Jersey City


5 nights left. You got this Megan.

1 thought on “I’m not homesick, but…

  1. You do got this Megan. Hang in there! One option like i told you in Rome is slow things down for the remainder. Also order a cafe lungo or stop at mcdonalds for American coffee and salad for a taste of home , i did at termini. Also i got a sim card with free data for a month for twenty. My number if you want to talk is 3384458894

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