Venezia, poco poco

Venice ended up being the most touristy stop on this trip by far, but the reason for it is obvious: there is no place else like it. I stepped off the train into a picture postcard.


My friend Boštjan drove from nearby Nova Gorica to meet me in Venice. We spent the day wandering the maze of sidewalks and canals that make up the town and stopping for coffee more than once (the air was piercingly cold, and I like caffeine.) The consensus is to not bother dining out in this town as it is extremely overpriced and has a reputation for having the worst food in Italy, so we ate some sandwiches that he brought on the steps along the main canal instead. Boštjan and I walked the city until it got dark, letting ourselves get a little lost at times and just taking it all in. Every turn is different, each canal more photogenic than the last.



It’s hard to find the words to write about a place that mostly speaks through it’s beauty, so I’ll quit trying and let the photos speak for themselves. Venice is a great place to take things slow, especially after visiting a huge and busy city like Rome. It doesn’t mean I was any less tired though. We got in the car around 5:30 and I slept the entire drive to Slovenia.


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