What started as a written digital scrapbook for my 3 week backpacking trip in Europe during the winter of 2011 has developed into a place for me to continuously collect my thoughts on places I’ve visited. It is my intention to keep this site as a public diary of sorts in hopes that it inspires other like-minded individuals to make traveling a priority in their lives, as well as inspire other young women to discover the joys of traveling alone.


A late 20’s [now early 30s!] Jersey City lady on a trip overseas. My parents must have kept me cooped up in Maryland too long because now I can’t stay still. Just a baby backpacking trip. No big whoop.

*This blog is updated entirely from my iPhone 4s.
Please excuse any errors the editors (me) missed.

Send all questions, comments, and anonymous hate mail to: megberttravels@gmail.com

This blog is brought to you courtesy of the dude who texted me in the middle of the night 6 months after we broke up to tell me that I “should be writing” and I was “just wasting my time.” I hope the former half was right.

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