Meeting people is easy.

I fell asleep after going to Nymphenburg Palace Monday afternoon. To get there I walked probably 30 minutes from Laim bahnhof, and then another two hours around the courtyards and 30 minutes back. Extremely exhausting and I found myself rubbing out knots in my legs while wandering through the displays. Seriously so sore.





When I woke up I was Skyping my parents from the Wombats lounge when a guy leaned over and asked me if I knew how to get to Hofbrauhaus. Nope, but was planning on going there in 10 minutes. Want to go together? Done.

Marco was from Croatia and is very proud of his country. We each had a liter and he treated to dinner. Notably most people were actually German locals and not tourists. We sat next to some of the most giddy people I’ve ever seen. I’m glad I met Marco because it ended up being a place I wouldn’t have gone in on my own.




We took a slow walk back from Marienplatz through the markets, stopping for espresso and listening to the choir. When we got back to the hostel I was already drunk and highly caffeinated so I went to the Wombats bar where I met people from Santiago, Amsterdam, and about 97 people from Australia. Australians fucking love to travel and are kind of like squirrels in Europe. Everywhere.

After last call I stayed in the downstairs hallway so I could use Wifi and met the odd late-night assortment of characters wandering back home, including Michael, the only other American I’ve ever met traveling. I don’t remember much of our conversation but I convinced him to come to Salzburg for the day, which was impressive of me since we were clearly going to be hungover in the morning, and that was only a few hours away.


Every muscle in my neck and back hurts and I could really use that $20 hour massage I got in Costa Rica right now. I walked to Tollwood Festival tonight which is held in the same place in Munich as Oktoberfest. Just walking up to the bright tents themselves is exciting. Tollwood would be amazing with a group of friends with all the different tents for drinking; it was super packed even for later on a Sunday. Tons of great clothes and crafts but I didn’t buy anything because the prices were too high even before I mentally converted the price into dollars.






Willkommen in Deutschland

Made it to Munich, but not without panicking in Berlin because 1. I thought I was supposed to pick up my bag and recheck it (nope) 2. I had no clue where my boarding gate was (they didn’t give me a connecting boarding pass) and 3. Forgot to switch to roaming on my phone and thought it didn’t work yet again. I just dropped off my bag and took a short breather before heading to explore city center. About 15 hours of transport under my belt and only shitty airplane sleep, but not feeling it at all. 20111218-122257.jpg